PT. Daya Manunggal (Pty. Ltd.) is an integrated textile manufacturing company. Estabkished in 1961, has grown from its small beginnings during the time Indonesia was developing to its present prominence. PT. Daya Manunggal (Pty. Ltd.), well known as "DAMATEX", is part of the largest private textile manufacturing group in Indonesia. The factory is located in Salatiga, Central Java. As one of the integrated textile factories, the company produces 100% cotton, Blended Polyester Cotton (TC 65/35 or CVC 55/45) and 100% Spun Rayon. The factory has ots own Spinning Mills with a 60.000 spindles capacity to produce 3000 bales/month, Weaving Mills with 1064 conventional looms, and 238 Airjet looms as well as 20 sulzer looms to produce 5.000.000 yards/month.

As an organisation, primarily oriented towards exports, the company strives to discover current fashion trends and demands in the market place for our dyed and printed fabrics. These are exported in ever increasing quantities to the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and various Asian countries.

We are commited to provide satisfication to our costumers, for this reason we have implemented the ISO 9002-1994 management system in our company.